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Instructions for Authors

Authors, regarding Manuscript Submission 


1. Manuscript Submission

1.1. According to the requirements listed below, the author(s) should submit the manuscript accompanied by cover documents.

1.2. A manuscript and cover documents should be submitted in electronic format.

1.3. Cover documents accompanying the manuscript submission should include all of the authors' names and affiliations.  


2. Preparation of Manuscripts

2.1. Authors should submit manuscripts to the editorial office in accordance with the manuscript format requirements, listed in Annex 1.

2.2. Manuscripts should conform to the structure, outlined in Annex 2 (Authors' full names, place of employment, positions, academic degree, academic rank, title, abstract and keywords in Russian and English, e-mail address).

2.3. The bibliographic list should appear at the end of a manuscript.

2.4. Submitted manuscripts undergo review.

2.5. After getting a positive review, the Editorial Board will inform authors that their manuscript has been accepted for publication and what changes or supplements should be made according to the reviewers’ and editors’ comments. If a manuscript is not accepted for publication, the Editorial Board will send the author the reason for refusal.

2.6. Authors are responsible for the reliability of any facts, quotations, statistical and sociological data, proper and geographical names and other statements made in their work. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit all manuscripts. The Editorial Board can publish manuscripts without sharing the author's point of view (further discussed).

2.7. A maximum two articles by one author can be published in one issue.

2.8. Free online issues of the journal, abstracts, keywords, and authors' names and details in Russian and English are available online on the journal’s official site.  


3. Submitting Manuscripts to the Journal: An electronic version of the manuscript and scanned cover documents (jpeg format) should be submitted by e-mail . Dear authors, in order to save your time, please observe the manuscript format requirements.  


Annex 1

Manuscript Format Guidelines. Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail and should have the following format: · Manuscript length limit is 10 - 24 A4-size pages. · Page margins: all margins set to 2cm. · All submitted material must be in a Microsoft Word format. · A manuscript must be typewritten with 1.5 line spacing using Times New Roman and 14 pt font size · Avoid adding bold or italics in your manuscript. · Indent the first line of each paragraph 1 cm. · If you need to insert any complicated formulas then it is best to use Microsoft Equation 3.0, included in Microsoft Word · Center formulas in columns without indentation, use parenthesis for their serial numbers and place them in the column (on the page) using right page alignment. A single formula should not be numbered. No extra space should be put between formulas and text. · References to formulas in the body of the text should be placed in parentheses (1), references to literary sources should be placed in square brackets [1]. · The bibliographic list (14pt) should be placed at the end of a manuscript in the order that the literary sources are first mentioned in the text. · A manuscript should include Universal Decimal Classification, the title, the authors' full names, academic or professional affiliation, position, the name of the organization, an abstract (0.5 pages) and keywords (10 words, in both Russian and English), and e-mail address.  Guidelines for Graphics: · Vector pictures should be in Corel Draw 11.0 or in MS Office 97, 98, 2000 or 2007. · Place graphs, pictures and photos into the body of the text after their first mention in the most suitable way. · Legends (14pt, body type) should be placed:     - below the pictures, at the center of the page after the word pic. with a serial number (14pt, body type);    - above the table using right page alignment, after the word Table with a serial number (14pt, body type). A single picture or table should not be numbered. 


 Annex 2

Manuscript Structure: Classification of Occupation and its code (in English and Russian), Universal Decimal Classification http://teacode.com/online/udc/,  TITLE (in English), author’s full name (in English), author’s details: organization, city, country, place of study/  employment, year of study/position, academic degree, academic rank, business/home address (in English), e-mail address, abstract in 0.5 page (in English), keywords – up to 10 words (in English). Manuscript (in English or Russian). Footnotes (in English or Russian).


We welcome manuscripts from PhD or Doctoral degree students. Manuscripts from students are published only with an academic advisor as co-author.

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